Cashless World - Transforming Payment with Digital & Fintech | Nov. 7-9, 2016 – Brussels, Belgium

About Cashless World

Transforming Payment with Digital & Fintech

Cashless World is a 2.5-day conference dedicated to the technologies and business models disrupting the way we pay and transfer money.


After a long migration from cash to card and online transactions – still in progress –, payments are engaged in a new wave of digitization. The traditional cash & card payment technologies and business models are disrupted by a broad range of digital players, from the smallest start-up to established Internet giants, all part of the fintech booming market. The challenge now is to provide the connected consumer “anytime, anywhere, any device” payments.

With 2.6 billion smartphone users in the world expected by 2018, mobile and contactless technologies will play a key role in this transformation aroung m-payment.

The increasingly digital customer also pushes innovation towards how money moves. The first wave of mobile money transfer is now amplified by fintech P2P payment solutions Real-time payments and Blockchain technologies.

These profound changes in payment technologies, ecosystems, business models happen at very different pace and levels round the world, among developed markets and in developing markets. A common concern is data and assets security:  traditional priority for banks, it is challenged by new fintech companies.

All these digital transformations will be on the agenda of “Cashless World”.


Taking over “Smart Contactless World” that covered for 5 years contactless services in all verticals, “Cashless World” will address extensively the new payment technologies and business models.

The conference will gather the payment technology industry leaders and innovators taking payments to the next level in terms of speed, convenience, personalization, security and ubiquity.

80 inspiring speakers will explore the tech advances replacing traditional cash & card solutions, their impact on the payment ecosystem and the challenges to implement them.

They will address major payment transformations round the world: the retail payments new models & technologies, the digital money innovations with focuses on security and fraud reduction, regulation approaches, APIs role, etc. that are all shaping the future of payments. New technologies and new business models will be reviewed in light of the different markets case studies: Europe, America, Africa, APAC are progressing at different pace and towards different options.



Held on Nov. 7 all day, the Banking Tech Keys tutorial will provide a unique blend of learning,
career development and networking for Retail Banking professionals. More details on


Cashless World is organized by Strategies Telecoms & Multimedia (STM), an independent ICT event organizer and ICT information services provider. Based in Paris, STM has been an event organizer for more than 15 years. Its main international event World Smart Week  takes place every year in September. The upcoming event is GeoIoT World held on May  2016.

Dedicated to the “connected innovation and business”, World Smart Week 2015  featured the Smart Contactless World conference at the root of Cashless World.

STM also publishes the Smart Webzine,, a blog and a bi-monthly newsletter sent out to 12,000 English-speaking readers.

In addition to international conferences, STM also organizes specific format events such as educational programs (Smart University), workshops (Université NFC des Territoires, Réseaux Indoor/Outdoor…) or exhibitions (Smart Innovation Show).

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