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Cashless World Awards

WINNERS Announced!
November 8, 2016 – The Cashless World Awards Jury is pleased to announce its innovation Awards 2016 Winners. Three Awards have recognized promising innovative applications and services in Digital Payments:
DIGITAL BANKING category winner:

BanQu by BanQu (USA)

MOBILE PAYMENT category winner:

TransferTo Mobile Money Hub by TransferTo (Singapore)


Motion Code by Oberthur Technologies (France)

Awards ceremony on November 8, 2016: Charles Damen, EVP, Mobile Money, TransferTo receiving the Mobile Payment Award from Awards Jury Chair Samee Zafar, Director London Office, Edgar Dunn & Associates.
More about the innovations awarded:
BanQu: Dignity Through Identity.
The first ever blockchain Economic Identity technology (patent pending) platform and network that enables a secure and immutable platform for creating economic opportunities for people around the world who are refugees and living in extreme poverty. The BanQu network uses a proprietary ( patent pending ) method to create a mashup of selfie plus other key human characteristics / biometrics for people with no access to technology or banking.
This Economic Identity then can be augmented by critical pieces of information such as land rights, voter registration, relationship based credit profiles, education records and health records etc. The BanQu network thus enables a true credit / bankable profile for the refugees / unbanked and extreme poverty populations who are otherwise left out everyday.
TransferTo’s Mobile Money Hub disrupts traditional money transfers by offering digital money transfers over phones. We interconnect money transfer services and mobile money accounts across geographies to provide instant money transfers, low cost and more secure with a digital transaction. Through TransferTo’s Hub, it is possible to send micro-values as low as $1 in real-time directly to 4.5 billion of mobile phones or to to send larger amounts also in real-time. This helps the consumer by giving them greater choice of when they want to send money, how frequently do they want to do it and the amount they want to send, without worrying about opening hours of outlets and how expensive the transaction fees are.
Motion Code is a “normal” chip payment card in size, thickness, flexibility, functionalities… except that the printed security code (CVC/CVV) on the back, used for online payment, is replaced by a mini e-ink screen displaying permanently a code that changes automatically every hour without need to press any button! Meaning the card contains an ultra-thin battery and several chips to perform cryptographic calculations. It is an efficient solution against CNP (card-not-present) fraud.
This innovative technology assures an ideal security when buying (in particular when buying online), without having to change the card-holder’s use habits, or for the merchant.