Cashless World - Transforming Payment with Digital & Fintech | Nov. 7-9, 2016 – Brussels, Belgium

Fintech start-ups boom, 2.6 billion smartphone users expected by 2018, contactless adoption, new financial regulations… no doubt the fintech revolution is accelerating and digital payments are its epicentre.
Cashless World is inviting the payment technology industry leaders and innovators to take payments to the next level in terms of speed, convenience, personalization, security and ubiquity.


After a long migration from cash to card and online transactions – still in progress –, payments are engaged in a new wave of digitization. This time the conversion entails much more than just a new form factor or payment channel: the whole banking and financial ecosystem is undergoing the digital transformation seen in every other industry. The traditional cash & card payment technologies and business models are disrupted by a broad range of digital players, from the smallest start-up to established Internet giants, all part of the fintech booming market. The challenge now is to provide the connected consumer “anytime, anywhere, any device” payments.

With 2.6 billion smartphone users in the world expected by 2018, mobile and contactless technologies will play a key role in this transformation. 2015 has clearly been a turning point with the rollout of Apple Pay, followed by Samsung Pay and Android Pay along with a long list of digital wallets. The stakes of this digital wallet war go well beyond providing frictionless payment at the PoS and online: the value lies in connecting payments to consumer’s data for marketing & advertising purpose.

The increasingly digital customer also pushes innovation towards how money moves. The first wave of mobile money transfer is now amplified by fintech P2P payment solutions. Yet, debiting one bank account and crediting another often takes longer than the physical movement of the goods. Real-time payments is seen as the next step forward and systems and infrastructures are being planned or rolled out in more and more countries. Decentralised virtual currencies –Bitcoins and other Blockchain technologies– are also key drivers of the fintech revolution.

These profound changes in payment technologies, ecosystems, business models happen at very different pace and levels round the world, among developed markets and in developing markets. A common concern is data and assets security:  traditional priority for banks, it is challenged by new fintech companies.
All these digital transformations will be on the agenda of “Cashless World”.


One third of the 37 fintech “unicorns” (over $1 billion value) focuses on payment according to Mc Kinsey: extrapolating this ratio to smaller start-ups, at least 1300 new fintechs are disrupting payments!

Globally cashless payments are growing at an annual rate of 8.9% according to the World Payments Report 2015.

Future Market Insights estimate m-payment transactions global market will grow yearly at a CAGR of 23.2% through 2020. NFC transactions are set to grow at a  46% rate over the same period.

P2P payments are expected to grow from $5 billion in 2014 to $17 billion by 2019, according to Forrester Research.


Taking over “Smart Contactless World” that covered for 5 years contactless services in all verticals, “Cashless World” will address extensively the new payment technologies and business models. The payment technology industry leaders and innovators are invited to take payments to the next level in terms of speed, convenience, personalization, security and ubiquity.

The conference will cover the commerce payment new models and technologies and the money transfer transformations with focuses on security and fraud reduction, regulation approaches, APIs role, etc. New technologies and new business models will be reviewed in light of the different payment markets case studies: Europe, America, Africa, APAC are progressing at different pace and towards different options.


  • Payments technologies at the PoS (In-Store payments):

    • Mobile and Contactless Payments technologies: toward frictionless payment in Retail (as well as for live events) m-PoS and other
    • Alternatives to contactless: paying with QR codes, (e.g., Zapper, LevelUp)….
  • The (Big) Data opportunity/ Payment analytics: gathering valuable information on consumers for Marketing & Advertising the true value lies in the connections between payments and data.
  • Payments business models & ecosystems
    • Mobile and Contactless Payments business models: bank & card schemes Vs Digital Players (GAFAA, Telcos, Marketplaces…) Vs start-ups
    • Disintermediation or new intermediation layer between consumers and merchants?
  • Emerging payment methods:
    • IoT Payments: from wearable to “invisible payments”
    • Web payments
    • Social Networks: new payments services via Facebook, Twitter, Tencent WeChat, etc…
  • Digital Currency:
    Bitcoins, Blockchain to bypass clearing ?
  • Real-time/Instant Payment
    • Lessons from initiatives such as Faster Payment, Zapp in UK, RealTime24/7 in Denmark…
    • Technology challenges: security : applied crypto,
    • Ecosystem issues
  • P2P mobile payments transfers
    Peer-to-peer transfers using Snapcash, Venmo, Square Cash, (expected) Apple Pay, Google Wallet… and other wallets…
  • Foreign Exchange (FX): Cross border payments innovation
  • Credentials management: SE, TEE, HCE, Cloud-based /TSM, Tokenization
  • Multi-factor authentication methods: biometrics, app-based, dynamic code verification (DCV), etc. for identification, authentication and authorisation in mobile banking and payments services.
  • Fraud management: Analytics, real-time fraud detection technologies
Comparing and contrasting geographical market status & outlooks: Europe, America, Africa, APAC
  • European Market: post-SEPA challenges and pan-European schemes, DSP2 impact
  • US:  US EMV adoption new deal
  • China: in the next 5 years, the Chinese market will overtake the leading non-cash markets
  • National Payment scheme: the role of Infrastructure modernization such as Mir in Russia, TROY in  Turkey…
  • Emerging Countries:
    • m-payment for banking inclusion: focus on use cases and technologies in Africa, a “mobile-first continent”
    • Leapfrogging the traditional banking infrastructures
    • Prepaid solutions
  • Global payment schemes new approaches
  • The Payment “API Economy”: moving from closed systems to open eco-systems, role and opportunities
  • Regulatory landscape:
    – The role of regulators in cashless transformation round the world
    – Finding the right balance between banks and “alternative payment providers” :
  • Payment standards initiatives around the globe
    – Open standards role
The topics involving corporate and wholesale payments (BtoB) such as integrated billing and collection… will be addressed by the next edition.


Cashless World will bring together the stakeholders of the payments value-chain from start-ups  to the most senior industry experts, financial institutions and tech providers:
– Banks, payment processors, payment services providers
– Payment fintechs
– Internet, Mobile services providers
– Mobile handset/PoS manufacturers
– Regulators
– Trade associations
– Implementers from Verticals: merchants, Retail & Advertising; Government and public services


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